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Our Expertise in Multislice CT Scan, Digital X Ray, 3D 4D Sonography, Colour Doppler, 2D ECHO, ECG, TMT, Pathology & Corporate Health Checkup

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Qualified Doctors

Dr. Riddhesh Panchal, M.D. (Radiology), with 15 years of experience, leads an expert team dedicated to precise and compassionate care.


Emergency Services

Emergency Diagnostic Support: Critical insights when every moment counts, available at our Gota, Ahmedabad diagnostic centre


Leading Technology

Advanced medical imaging enhancing accuracy and care. Akshar Diagnostic Centre, Ahmedabad, uses state-of-the-art equipment for superior diagnostics.


Accurate and Advanced Imaging Services

  • Experience: Extensive expertise in imaging services.

  • Quality: Commitment to high standards in imaging results.

  • Accuracy: Precision and reliability in diagnostic outcomes.

  • Technology: Utilization of advanced imaging technologies


We Care For Your Health

Akshar Imaging Center is one stop solution for all your Radiology and Pathology needs. We use advance technology to give you accurate results.

CT Scan

Multislice CT Scan

Advanced imaging technique providing detailed cross-sectional views of the body using multiple simultaneous X-ray detectors.

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Digital X Ray

Digital X Ray

Imaging method using electronic sensors to capture and display detailed radiographic images digitally.

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3D 4D Sonography

3D 4D Sonography

Ultrasound Sonography: Imaging technique using sound waves to create real-time images of internal body structures.

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Colour Doppler

Colour Doppler

Ultrasound imaging to visualize blood flow, measure velocity, and detect abnormalities, displayed in color-coded images.

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Cardiac Tests: 2D ECHO for detailed heart imaging, ECG for electrical activity, and TMT for stress assessment.

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Pathology Lab Tests: Diagnostic procedures, including blood tests like CBC, analyzing bodily fluids or tissues to detect diseases or conditions.

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